How to Fix “pbm.fault.pdm.fault.summary” Error when Perform VMware vMotion

Question :

I have an issue when perform vMotion on of my virtual machine using VMware vCenter Server Appliance 5.5.


Answer :

This is known issue by VMware where by the problems may occurs with two possible reasons.

a) The inventory service fails to start because of an incorrect DNS entry or
b) The inventory service fails to query data after validation when attempting a vMotion and occurs either due to lack of space or a possible corruption on the Inventory service database.

Note: If this is because of incorrect DNS entry, the service vmware-inventoryservice status command may show the inventory service as started.

How to Fix “pbm.fault.pdm.fault.summary” ?

To resolve this issue that caused by a);

Start the inventory service on the vCenter Server Appliance.

1. This is how to start the inventory service on the vCenter Server Appliance:
2. Connect to the vCenter Server Appliance server console and log in as root
3. Run this command to start the Inventory Service:

> service vmware-inventoryservice start


To resolve this issue that caused by reason b);

Just do the following :

1. Verify the drive space and expand the drive to allow the inventory service write/read data.
2. Restore the inventory service database.

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