How to Check Microsoft Windows Uptime or Recent Reboot

Q. How to check windows uptime or most recent reboot or recent boot up for Microsoft Windows XP, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, Windows 2003 server, Windows 2008 server and Windows Server 2012 ? A. The following example to check the windows uptime/most recent boot time/reboot for Windows Xp and Windows server 2012 R2. … Read more

5 Ways to open Command Prompt in Windows 8

In Windows 8 you will not see old Programs Menu and classic start button. In windows 7, usually end user will find applications quickly by searching them in the “Run” box. To find Windows command prompt also not easy as previous windows version. A Windows Command Prompt is a screen where you type in commands … Read more

How to Add Icons to Desktop Windows 8

By Default, only one icon available in Windows 8 desktop which is Recycle Bin at the top left corner and two icon at the taskbar’s left corner which are File Explorer and Internet Explorer. This might not convenience for the Windows 8 newbie. Most of Windows users still like to launch the it from the … Read more

Windows 8 Arrives and Top 20 Windows 8 Features

Microsoft Corp. today announced its popular Windows operating system, Windows 8 now available on Friday, Oct. 26 2012. Consumers will be able to experience a beautiful new user interface and a wide range of applications with the grand opening of the Windows Store. There are two primary versions, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. Windows … Read more