Windows 8 Arrives and Top 20 Windows 8 Features

Microsoft Corp. today announced its popular Windows operating system, Windows 8 now available on Friday, Oct. 26 2012. Consumers will be able to experience a beautiful new user interface and a wide range of applications with the grand opening of the Windows Store. There are two primary versions, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. Windows 8 Enterprise for large organizations also available.

Top 20 Windows 8 Features :

1. Tablet support
2. Touch-centric, Tiles-based User Interface (UI)
3. The Windows Store’s grand opening
4. Windows 8 Control Panel
5. Snap Multi-tasking
6. Web Navigation by Touch
7. Internet Explorer 10
8. Xbox Live integration
9. Two Touch Keyboards
10. Native USB 3.0 Support
11. Better Support for Multiple Monitors
12. UEFI Secure Boot support
13. Improved Search Function
14. Speedy Boot Time
15. Innovative & Dynamic Desktop
16. Windows Live Syncing
17. SmartScreen filter
18. Integrated anti-malware/Windows Defender
19. Picture Password
20. Windows Reader

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