How to Install VMware Tools in a Windows 2008 Server

VMware tools are not necessary to be installed in any guest operating system (OS). But it is always recommended to install VMware tools as it will benefits the guest OS such as enhanced mouse driver and improved video performance. This post provides the steps to install VMware Tools in a Windows 2008 Server.

1. From the vCenter or ESXI host > Select target VM > Click Guest > Install/Upgrade VMware Tools :


2. Login to Windows 2008 Server VM with administrator access the Click Run setup.exe to proceed the installation :

3. You will see the start of the installation > Click Next> :

4. Now you can select the type of installation. if you not sure i would suggest to select Typical > Click next> :

5. Click Install and the install will begin :

6. When the install is done, you will see this screen > Click Finish :

7. You must restart the system to take effect :

Note : Once VMware Tools has been installed, you will see the VMware Tools icon in the system tray.

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