How to Install Oracle VirtualBox on Windows

Oracle VirtualBox is open source virtualization software that allow you to install and run more than one virtual computers and operating system in one physical server. Unlike VMware, Oracle VirtualBox is under the General Public License ( GPL ) open source license that has an active development community and is open and allows us to modify the source code.

The following are the steps on how to install Oracle VirtualBox on Windows operating system.

1. Download VirtualBox.

2. Double-click the downloaded setup file and follow the prompts to install.

3. You will see Oracle VM VirtualBox setup page. Click Next to proceed :


4. On the custom setup page, select  features to be installed. Click Next to proceed :


5. Please choose options. Click Next to proceed :


6. Before the installation will be proceed, you will received the Network Interface reset connection Warning. Click Yes to acknowledge the warning and proceed.


7. The Setup wizard will begin the custom installation. Click Install to proceed.


8.You will received the Windows Security warning. Just click Install to proceed.


9. You Oracle VM VirtualBox has been successfully installed. Click Finish to complete.


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