VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone – key can’t be retrieved. (return code 2) issue

Question : I’m having an issue to perform P2V one of my linux CentOS 6.5 machine using the VMware standalone converter version 5.5. I get below error : FAILED: A general system error occurred: Network error. Host 192.x.x.x key can’t be retrieved. (return code 2) Answer : 1. Edit the files hosts.allow on /etc fixed … Read more

How to Power on a virtual machine from the command line on VMware ESXi 4.1

Assumed that the esxi host cannot be managed from vCenter Server or from vSphere Client due to some reasons such as host not responding but you still can established putty session to that host. You still can power on the virtual machine using vim-cmd command. This steps has been tested on esxi 4.1 and require … Read more

How to Start, Shutdown and Reboot VM on VMware Workstation using vmrun

The vmrun utility installs with Workstation and VMware Fusion. On Workstation and VMware Fusion, you do not need to specify a remote host name or port if you are running guest operating systems on the local host. This post has been tested using VMware Workstation 9. Use the -T flag for Workstation, Player, and VMware … Read more