How to Clear the Browser Cache in Chrome

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How to Install FFmpeg on Windows

Installing FFmpeg on Windows allows you to utilize its powerful features for working with multimedia files. Whether you’re a content creator, developer, or simply someone who needs to manipulate audio or video files, FFmpeg provides a versatile and efficient solution. In this article, we will guide you through the process of installing FFmpeg on Windows … Read more

How to Clean Cache in Windows 10

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How to Enable Hyper-V on Windows 10

Hyper-V is a powerful virtualization platform developed by Microsoft that allows users to run multiple operating systems on a single physical machine. With Hyper-V, you can create and manage virtual machines, enabling you to test different software configurations, run legacy applications, or set up isolated environments for various purposes. In this article, we will guide … Read more

How to See Wi-Fi Passwords on Windows 10

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How to Format Dates in SQL Server

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5 Free Online MD5 Hash Generator

MD5 Hash

MD5 is one in a series of message digest algorithms designed by Professor Ronald Rivest of MIT (Rivest, 1992). MD5 Hash is used to ensure the integrity of the data or files. MD5 hash is created by taking a string of any length and encoding into a 128-bit fingerprint. Encoding the same string using the MD5 … Read more

How to Identify disks and Datastore in VMware ESXi 5 / 6

There are a few reasons that will degrade the performance of virtual machines such as a disk I/O bottleneck, resource contention, misconfiguration and other problems. When too many VMs compete for limited resources, results will inevitably suffer. The effort it takes to solve the storage I/O bottleneck is a variety of ways, it may be … Read more

How to Enable/Disable VMware VAAI Functionality in ESXi/ESX

What is VAAI VMware (VMware VAAI Functionality) vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VMware VAAI) is a feature that provides hardware acceleration functionality. It is introduced in ESXi / ESX 4.1 host. It allows your host to offload specific virtual machine and storage management operations to compliant storage devices. With storage hardware assistance, your host performs … Read more

VMware View Client Download

This article will gives you some ideas and quick guide to perform VMware View Client Download. Most customers still confused which VMware files they actually have to download if they intend to get “VMware View Client” or “VMware Horizon client“. In April 2014, VMware launched its Horizon 6 virtual desktop software which was rebranded from … Read more

What is VMware View / VMware Horizon View

What is VMware View / VMware Horizon VMware View or VMware Horizon View is end-to-end solutions that simplify the management of IT that leverages vSphere as the virtual desktop. Term “VMware View” or “VMware Horizon View” is actually refer to the same thing. It increases security and control of end users while decreasing costs by … Read more

How to Configure DHCP Server on Windows 7

DHCP server is a server protocol for TCP/IP network that supplies IP addresses to other computers in a network. DHCP is useful for automatic configuration of client network interfaces. When configuring the client network that has a large number of workstations or clients, the system administrator chooses DHCP to reduce the manual work that will … Read more